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BMW Concept Active Tourer – What the net thinks

The BMW Concept Active Tourer attracts not only a lot of views, but also opinions. Let's have a look at some blogs and boards - what does the net think about the latest BMW concept?

The star BMW at the Paris Motor Show is undoubtedly the BMW Concept Active Tourer. It has attracted many a look and camera eye. And many opinions. Because it is a premier for BMW. A car with which the company is writing history.
This is not only a new space concept, it is above all a technological development that is unique for BMW: it is a front-wheel drive! This is anything but normal for BMW fans and drivers. Only a few manufacturers still design their cars as rear-wheel drives, the front-wheel drives have all the advantages in terms of weight, technology and use of space.

The additional development costs alone are a disadvantage for the rear-wheel drive. Then comes the use of space (power needs to be transferred from the engine to the back wheels after all), and the additional weight of the additional components.

But BMW has continued to build rear-wheel drive vehicles and has carved out a unique position for itself on the market that way. The BMW Concept Active Tourer breaks with this tradition, and does so with set goal in mind.
The new vehicle transports the core values of the brand – joie de vivre, dynamism and a self-confident design – into a new market.
But it is a rough road lined by stereotypes.

Even if it is as of yet difficult to say anything about driving characteristics or driving dynamics, loyal BMW fans have their doubts. Or am I wrong?
I’ve collected a few opinions from the depths of the net to see what others think of the Concept.

Lisa, The Car Addict asked what many others are thinking: “Is it still a Bimmer?” She leaves the answer open – and is excited about what the Concept has to offer. Only then will make her call.

Automobive.com provides a mass of videos that goes into the details. Like Lisa, Alistair Weaver compares the leap taken by BMW with another milestone: The presentation of the first MINI SUV. Voice could be heard back then too that asked: “Is it still a MINI?” Today we know that it was!

EuropeanCar.com is enthusiastic and convinced that “The Active Tourer is the seemingly perfect car to enter into anyone’s life no matter what the occasion calls for.”

And the German blogger Jens at Rad-Ab.com sees it pragmatically: “In the future, even more BMW vehicles will be equipped with a front-wheel drive, for some, the end of a great driving experience, for others – like me – completely irrelevant. ”

The BMW Concept Active Tourer is a car that is being talked about – on Facebook, many are enthusiastic while others are hosting pages asking BMW to continue to build rear-wheel drives alone. It is right to talk about the car. For BMW it is one model of many – a front-wheel drive among many rear-wheel drives. Let’s see where the journey is going to take us: My suggestion would be that both drive types have their place, even in a BMW!

I’m looking forward to your opinions! Just tweeting them tagged #BMWParis!

Published: 12. October 2012

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