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The all-new BMW X4

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BMW i8 Roadster live in Geneva.

Sheer Summer pleasure.

The BMW i8 Roadster celebrates its Europe-Premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show 2018. We took a closer look at the open-top plug-in sports model.


Thinking back on the rainy-snowy weather these past weeks, the pleasure of an open cabriolet-tour seems quite unimaginable. To be able to press the electric hood button instead of the same seat heating button again – a dream that only seems possible at the Geneva Motor Show, best of all onboard the gorgeous BMW i8 Roadster.


The open-top version of the most unique plug-in hybrid sports car celebrates its Europe-Premiere at the well-tempered – and guaranteed rain-free – BMW exhibition booth. As a limited “First Edition”, the Roadster tempts a seat fitting in its flashy E-Copper shade coating and gains much attention with its uncommon wing doors.


Similar to the closed coupe version, in the spotlight just a few meters away, the BMW i8 Cabriolet combines the power of a three-cylinder turbo gas engine (231 PS) with an electric motor in the front (143). Together both motors deliver a brute force and convey a 374 PS system performance to the street.


If the driver chooses to press the eDrive-Button, the 34 Ah-battery fed electric motor allows for up to 50 km completely silent electric range and total cabriolet enjoyment with a maximum speed of 120 km/h. Doesn’t that sound good? Serious competition to the rather relaxing E-expirience comes in the form of the sport mode: In just 4.6 seconds the BMW i8 Roadster accelerates to 100 km/h, supported by the roaring sound of the three-cylinder engine.


At the Geneva International Motor Show, one is left imagining how this would feel on the streets – and yet a a seat fitting in the open-top i8 is enough to inspire anticipation for summer, sun and twisty alpine passes.

Published: 12. March 2018

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