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BMW Press Conference at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show

With a bunch of new cars and services came to the 2016 Geneva Motor Show - but there was a lot more to talk about at the press conference. A recap.

BMW CEO Harald Krüger

Only a few days are left, before the BMW AG will celebrate its 100th birthday in Munich. And it does not come as a surprise, when the manufacturer already took a little look back here at the Geneva Motor Show.

And so the highlights at the BMW press conference were not only the new cars, but also some nice classic ones.

BMW - Press Conference at Geneva Motor Show 2016
First, the BMW R35 came up to stage, when BMW CEO Harald Krüger had a little chat with a presenter. Looking at the historic bike placed beside the pure electric BMW i3 he stated: „Both vehicles are groundbreaking innovations.”

And the BMW i3 is not the end of this long line …
Since the car-industry is on a historic turning-point, BMW has to go on and invest in further ideas and technologies which meet the demands of drivers, cities and nature in all aspects.

BMW CEO Harald Krüger

Than again, Krüger knows: “E-Mobility is a marathon, not a sprint-race“, he stated. Even BMW i has sold more than 30.000 cars since market launch, there is a lot to do, to go further …

After Krüger left stage, Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing BMW, entered with a BMW M2 and a BMW 2002 turbo.
Robertson presented the BMW M2 as well as the new M Performance Parts for the compact coupe, which will start at markets in April 2016.

BMW - Press Conference at Geneva Motor Show 2016

After that Klaus Fröhlich, Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management for Development, showed up wo tell one of his personal #BMWstories: “I have a personal connection to this generation – the second – of the BMW 7 Series. When I joined BMW in 1987, it had just been launched and it was a real inspiration for me.This particular car was built in 1993. Its generation was the first in decades to bring back twelve-cylinder engines made in Germany.”
The new BMW 760Li xDrive brings back the V12 to the model range and is the first ever 7 Series M Performance Car.

BMW - Press Conference at Geneva Motor Show 2016

All Member of the Board of Management presented a view back and forward in the history of BMW. And so, I look forward – not only to show you all the BMW cars at the Geneva Motor Show during the next days. But I also look forward to the 100th Birthday Event one week ahead – who knows, what BMW will remember – or maybe show a glimpse into the future?

You can re-watch the BMW press conference here at BMW MOTOR SHOW BLOG. There are also the first live-photos!

BMW - Press Conference at Geneva Motor Show 2016

Published: 1. March 2016

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