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The Next Visionaries – these six ideas will be presented at the IAA

Fifteen weeks ago BMW i and TED launched the initiative Next Visionaries, inviting people from all over the world to share their vision for the future of mobility. Now it's time to introduce the final six Next Visionaries. They will present their ideas at the IAA in Frankfurt.

BMW i and TED - Next Visionaries

BMW i and TED believe that innovations that start global change can come from anyone with a bold imagination and a creative mind. Take a look at a variety of innovative ideas to develop future mobility.

That is why the Next Visionaries contest was launched.
This wasn’t a hunt for experts. Entries were open to everyone. It was a search for a spark of imagination. A signal for the dreamers and pioneers who will reimagine and reshape the way we’ll move around the world in 10, 50 or 100 years.

Now, the finalists will present their vision in a compelling pitch on the TED stage at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt on September 10th. Each of them will present the idea to a panel of experts and thought leaders.

What is the TED?

Founded in 1984, the first TED conferences were held in Monterey, California. In 2006, TED experimented with putting TED Talk videos online for free – a decision that opened the doors to a radically new model for sharing ideas: today there are more than 2,400 TED Talks available for free on TED.com, which are viewed about a billion times a year. Thanks to the support of thousands of volunteer translators, there are close to 100,000 published translations of TED Talks in over 110 languages. TEDx, the licensing program that allows communities to produce independently organized TED events, has seen 21,500 events held worldwide.

These are the finalists, ready for the TED Stage.

Ira Munn
“I see long-range 3D-printed electric vehicle kits made from local upcycled plastics, reducing carbon burn in the manufacturing process.”
Ira wants to introduce the Drop – an energy efficient 170km/l-e (400MPGe), 321km range, motorway-legal, three-wheeled, hub motor electric vehicle kit. 3D-printed from recycled PET plastic with hardener additive.
Find out more.

Tom Moloughney
“I see cars evolving to a pay-by-the-mile service with all EVs, charged by wireless charging systems built into roadways & powered by solar.”
Tom sees a future with self driving electric cars utilized through a subscription-based system, in-road wireless charging powered by solar electric with bidirectional energy flow for grid support.
Find out more.

Sandra Phillip
“I see a future where shared, electrified vehicle networks create safe mobility for everyone, no matter their income, location or gender.”
Sandra also talks about electrified and autonomous shared vehicle networks. They have the potential to provide a safe and more affordable way of mobility for the less privileged. This will provide more social mobility and opportunities with less impact to the environment.
Find out more.

Aarjav Trivedi
“I see a world where autonomous pods provide shared on-demand transport that’s cheap, comfortable, and private. Travel time becomes me time.”
Aarjav talks about the real impact of autonomous mobility-as-a-service: personalized vehicle experiences – sleeper cars, cocktail cars, spa cars, musical and cinematic travel experiences.
Find out more.

Jeremiah Owyang
“I see a more human world, through efficient automation, powered by intelligent, clean transportation.”
Jeremiah is well known in the tech sector. He will share his vision on how business models, society and more will be forever changed by automation.
Find out more.

Sebastian Gabor
“I see a world where our cars understand and help us explore the world. Not only a transportation tool but a discovery partner.”
Sebastian imagines a world in which our car can interpret its drivers mood (based on music choice, location, time of day, behavioural patterns) and try to cheer him up.
Find out more.

Watch the six finalists live

Save the date – the 10th September!
The Next Visionaries event will be streamed live at Nextvisionaries.com and you can watch how these six outstanding future-thinkers pitch their ideas for the chance to become Next Visionary of the year. At the end of the live-pitch event in Frankfurt, BMW i and TED’s leading experts will announce the winner.
The award? The unique opportunity to take the vision even further and present it in a vibrant and world-changing TED Talk at the TED’s New York Theater on November 16th 2017.

Published: 3. September 2017

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