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The all-new BMW X4

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On road in Detroit – with the BMW X2.

The best locations in Motor City.

The BMW X2 is roaming the streets of Detroit to find daring new places. Follow us around!

The BMW X2 in Detroit

Before debuting at the NAIAS tomorrow, the BMW X2 took a stroll through Downtown Detroit. We got along with the car and had a camera with us … so jump in and get to know the hottest places in Detroit.

I’m shoutin’ from the rooftop, baby
Tell me, will you come and save me?
Well, while Nico Santos may need your help – the first-ever BMW X2 does’nt! And so, we start our tour at the Z Garage Rooftop down at 1234 Library St, Detroit.
No where, really no where you’ll find an alley and garage like this one. The 10-story parking garage is Urban Art meets Utility Park. Of course you can park your car there – and admire the view. But the real thing at the Z Garage is the art at the walls with 130-foot-wide murals inside. The artwork is diverse and many pieces feature nods to the history of Detroit’s industry and culture.

BMW X2 in Detroit

Next stop: the Hopcat at 4265 Woodward Ave, Detroit.
Woodward Ave is one of the iconic Detroit area driveways – it runs through the heart of Detroit and has always been it’s most important street. Best, you’ll take your time and walk down from Downtown to Midtown. Hopcat is just one of the many landmarks, you’ll find along your way. There are buildings, cultural attractions, entertainment venues and sports stadiums like The Spirit of Detroit, Guardian Building, Campus Martius Park, Detroit Opera House, Fox & Fillmore Theaters, the Museum of Contemporary Art and more … .

BMW X2 in Detroit - Hopcat

Onward, we drove to Shinola Bicycles at 441 W Canfield St, Detroit.
Shinola has been declared a symbol of American manufacturing by president Barack Obama in 2016.
Shinola makes a high-quality, handsome watches, but also builds bicycles and enlists other manufacturing companies to create journals, apparel, leather goods, pet accessories, and other accessories.
Launched in 2011, Shinola moved into a former General Motors design lab in Detroit to build its products. It proudly stamps “Detroit” on all of its products, because the company is committed to the city. It is providing well-paid manufacturing jobs to its citizens and investing in its infrastructure. That’s why Shinola stands as a symbol for the uprising of Detroit during the last few years.
At Shinola you are not only able to catch the vibe of this brand, but also grab some coffee.

The BMW X2 in Detroit - Shinola

Just right next door from Shinola, there’s the Jolly Pumpkin Brewery. Best know for its Artisan Ales, the location has to offer more, since there’s also a restaurant! They offer good crafted cocktails, and well done pizza and salads. It is the perfect place to stop for lunch, if you are checking out Shinola or Third Man Records, which is only a few steps ahead, also.

The BMW X2 in Detroit - Jolly Pumpkin

Next stop for us was The Red Hook at 8023 Agnes St, Detroit. The location offers tasty coffee and fantastic baked goods.
It’s a great place to go and a neat area coming into its own. And so, we could have spend hours at a table just sitting there working, texting or talking. But instead, we just grabbed our coffee…

The BMW X2 in Detroit - The Red Hook

…and with that hot coffee in our cold hands, we heated to our last location – the perfect one for the BMW X2 and its Galvanic Gold metallic lavished body: the Gold Cash Gold at 2100 Michigan Ave, Detroit.
The Gold Cash Gold is a fun restaurant in former pawn shop. They offer delicious, creative farm to table with lots of vegetarian options, as well as a wide range of wine and beer.

The BMW X2 in Detroit - Gold Cash Gold

That’s a wrap!
Our tour through Detroit ended up at the Cobo Center, where the BMW X2 will be on stage starting on Monday!

BMW X2 in Detroit

Published: 14. January 2018

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