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On the Road to Paris.

It is half past nine in the morning in Germany. And no, this is not an advertisement for a mid-morning snack. It is a travelogue. From Hannover to Paris, where on Thursday morning the Mondial de L'Automobile 2012 will open.

It’s cold out there. And wet. But that does not matter because my seat as heating.

Out onto the A2 and west to the Ardenne. That is where I will make a quick pitstop. Because if you’re already in the area and you‘re a petrol head like me, a quick visit to Spa-Francorchamps is never wrong. The GT-Tour is training there since Wednesday – which alone is enough for a quick speed fix before continuing my own trip. This is the halfway mark – and from now on, the EcoPro mode and cruise control will do the work for me …

We are making progress. Belgium has quite a few hills for such a flat country. I wonder if the Belgian BMW fan is looking forward to the new xDrive in the BMW 1 Series. Maybe in the winter.

I‘ve come to realise that the “Comfort” setting f driving experience switch is not for me. I like the direct feedback from the chassis and the direct steering rather than the somewhat softer setting of the Comfort mode.

I‘m in Paris by 8 pm. Wow! Paris!
It’s dark. And its raining dogs and cats. The the highway is soaked. Have you ever been to Paris? If not, here‘s a bit of advice: Beware of the mopeds … Considering their daring maneuvers between the moving cars, there are surprisingly many BMW C1s to be seen …

The friendly voice in the BMW satnav shows me the way. With six lanes, dense traffic and a wet road I’m glad I do not have to concentrate on the monitor. Does the woman behind the BMW navigation system have a name?
Memo to myself: Talk to the ConnectedDrive experts at the fair. If she doesn‘t have a name, its she gets one. Tomorrow morning I’ll buy her flowers and put them on the monitor …

I‘m at the hotel by 9 pm. The BMW ConnectedDrive system can‘t find empty parking spots… yet.!

By the way: My worries about my suitcase (“Will it fit into the trunk?”) was way badass… Of course it fits – without having to fold the rear seats either. They were under the 360 litres volume that are available in the trunk… I wonder what BMW would say, would I take “litres” literally and, together with the bloggers in Paris… no, not a good idea…

Welcome to Paris! I am really looking forward to the next few days – and I hope you are as well! I will report here on the blog about the most important BMW news and novelties.
Hello to all you readers and visitors, bloggers and colleagues who will be able to join me in the days to come!

Published: 27. September 2012

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Thomas Gigold has been writing about cars for more than ten years. He loves long road trips, is father of three and lives in Germany. Thomas is the Editor-in-chief at the MOTOR SHOW BLOG. Learn more.

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