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The all-new BMW X4

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Since I do a lot of talking today, I’m a bit bussy … Sure, I will cover all these Talks and report them to you. So far I talked with Michael De Bono, the Designer of the BMW Concept Active Tourer, or Dr. Bernado Lopez, Head of Drivetrain Evaluation at BMW. Unfortunately I can’t blog... Read more »

BMW 335i with BMW M Performance Parts.

It is for many here the absolute highlight: The BMW 335i with BMW M Performance Accessories. The M Performance accessories are a family of products, with which a buyer can personalise his BMW. The programme is closely modelled on the feel of motor sports and intended “express a drivers authentic enthusiasm for racing”. At the... Read more »


Waits for his coverage here at the blog – the BMW 335i with BMW M Performance Parts. But he, and you, have to wait until tomorrow. Than I’ll show you some more pictures and give you all the data …

BMW Press Conference – Speech.

Want to know, what Dr. Ian Robertson (HonDSc), Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing showed the Journalists at the Paris Auto Show today? Well, pictures will come later, but here's his speech!

Take a Look arround

The BMW press conference is just a few minutes away – heres the first picture with Dr. Ian Robertson (HonDSc), Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Marketing. Click on it to view a larger version!

Sheer Driving Pleasure.

Fast lesson in french … What “Sheer Driving Pleasure” is called in Paris? Well – the picture gives you a hint 😉

Here we go!

So, it’s time! Say “Good Morning, Paaaaaris!” or, what else you’d like to shout in the morning – me, personally, will shout it. The BMW press conference begins at 1:45 today. Here, BMW is not the first exhibitor to give their press conference – as is traditionally the case at the IAA. But that’s OK.... Read more »

On the Road to Paris.

It is half past nine in the morning in Germany. And no, this is not an advertisement for a mid-morning snack. It is a travelogue. From Hannover to Paris, where on Thursday morning the Mondial de L'Automobile 2012 will open.

Trust the RTTI you must!

Als Yoda Luke Skywalker in der Ausbildung hat, zweifelt der junge Bald-Jedi an seinem Können und der Stärke der Macht. Woraufhin Yoda, ewig grüner Lehrmeister, auf seine charmant quer-grammatikalische Art erwidert, er solle der Macht vertrauen. Ich bin in gewissen Zügen ein Nerd. Ich mag Technik und begeistere mich dafür. Auf der anderen Seite muss... Read more »

BMW at the 2012 Paris Motor Show

Since the Paris Motor Show already starts at Thurday, it’s about time for this post, isn’t it? So, here’s the LineUp for BMW at the Paris Motor Show … The No.1 Highlight at the BMW stand will be the BMW Concept Active Tourer – without any doubt. The Concept Car is a stuning vision of... Read more »

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